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Here are just a few of our clients and the results they’ve seen from working with us.

Online Course Sales Skyrocketed by 124.57%

"For online courses, I’ve found that organic traffic is insanely more
effective at driving sales. After five years of wasting money on paid
traffic, I’ve gotten way more results in one year with SEO."


Nathan Liao

Founder and CEO, CMA Exam Academy

95,647 Organic Visitors in October 2019


Andres Zuleta

Founder and Director, Boutique Japan

"I couldn't have done it without Jonny and his team."


Shannon Doleac

Owner and Nutritionist, Primal Peak

"We’ve hit 600 visitors in a day for the first time ever!"

"Unlike other consultants we have worked with, Jonny has the unique ability of pulling together all the moving parts in a digital business - from SEO to the psychology of selling and content strategies.

We’ve hit 600 in a day for the first time ever. Web traffic has gone bonkers!

We couldn’t have done it without you."


Alistair Clay

Founder, Class PR

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